Hot summer days are not far now, so I want to share with you a traditional dessert from the posh corridors of Eton College. Eton Mess is a well-loved dessert in England, while I have seen variations of it in other countries (it’s similar to the Pavlova), I have never seen Eton Mess served outside […]

‘Almost anything is edible with a dab of French mustard on it’ – Food writer, Nigel Slater. The word mustard comes from the Latin mustum – young wine (must), which was used in Ancient Rome along with mustard seeds to create a piquant condiment. In Old French, the mixture already carried the name mostarde (‘moutarde’ today), […]

You find yourself in London, and after the initial shock of the most important city in the world subsides, you notice the pubs, there will be several on one street. In fact there are over 7000 pubs in London, although hopefully you do not go looking for all of them. Pubs are an important part […]

London is no doubt a contemporary city: it sets global standards of design, style, gastronomy, shopping, technology, culture, and lifestyle. You hear people talk about their favourite city as a ‘City of Contrasts’, and most cities are. I don’t think I have ever been anywhere that was completely homogenous, no matter how small the town […]

Senate House lies just north of the British Museum, east of Tottenham Court Road, and south of Euston Rd. Built in the Art Deco style between 1932 and 1937, it was built to house the growing University of London, and WWII served as the Ministry of Information. Rumor has it that George Orwell based the […]

For lovers of Charles Dickens, and anyone interested in 19th century life in Britain, I recommend visiting Dickens World. It is a live, interactive museum/amusement park, opened in 2007. The idea of this ‘live museum’ appeared in 1970’s, but funds only became available recently, not surprising as the amusement park is privately funded and cost […]

In the heart of Bloomsbury hidden away in one of its famous squares is the Foundling Museum. Dedicated entirely to the work and art collection of the Foundling Hospital, founded by Captain Thomas Coram in 1741. The term ‘hospital’ referred to hospitality in those days, and the Foundling Hospital aimed to provide “education and maintenance […]

London is full of little surprises; The Fan Museum is one of more quirky and charming ones. Situated in Greenwich, inside a 1721 townhouse which has been carefully restored keeping its original character and transporting its visitors into the heyday of fan making, the 19th century. The museum tells the story of fans from the […]

Another jewel of the South Bank is the Design Museum. Founded in 1989 it is devoted to contemporary design and everything that entails: architecture, sport, fashion, industrial design, graphics. The museum organizes talks and lectures, as well as quarterly parties that give late-night access to the galleries. Along with a modest permanent collection the museum […]

The Clink Prison Museum is located on the lower floors of a former warehouse on the original site of the Clink Prison, which gives its name to the slang term for all prisons, ‘the clink’. The prison dates back to 12th century making it one of the oldest men’s prisons and the oldest women’s prison […]