The Design Museum

Another jewel of the South Bank is the Design Museum. Founded in 1989 it is devoted to contemporary design and everything that entails: architecture, sport, fashion, industrial design, graphics. The museum organizes talks and lectures, as well as quarterly parties that give late-night access to the galleries.

Along with a modest permanent collection the museum regularly organizes exhibitions worth a visit. The recently closed Christian Louboutin exhibition received many positive reviews and plenty of publicity as it celebrated the French designer’s twenty years in business.

Currently an Olympic-inspired exhibition explores the roles of design and engineers in major sporting events, where does the athletic competition end, and the battle of the brains begin? New technologies, innovative materials, fashions, and engineering feats are all examined in this exhibition.

Coming on 5 September are two new exhibition Digital Crystal and Designers in Residence, the first will explore lighting design possibilities presented by Swarovski Crystals, the second gives young designers an opportunity to present their work. Unlike most major museum in London, entry is not free, £8/adult and exhibitions cost extra.

Design Museum


Designed to Win

26 July – 18 November

Digital Crystal and Designers in Residence

05 September – 13 January 2013




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