I’m a big fan of fans

London is full of little surprises; The Fan Museum is one of more quirky and charming ones. Situated in Greenwich, inside a 1721 townhouse which has been carefully restored keeping its original character and transporting its visitors into the heyday of fan making, the 19th century.

The museum tells the story of fans from the ancient times, to modern fashion trends with a focus on 18th and 19th century fans. New technologies have made fans accessible to a wider public, and improvements of printing techniques made subject matter limitless. Fans were made with illustrations of popular caricatures, current events, sports, and celebrities. These are a valuable historical artifact.

In addition the museum has a fabulous shop where inspired by the exhibitions, you can purchase a fan and anything fan-shaped.  If you would like an heirloom, the museum does take commissions for one-off fans, you can view previous ones on their website, including Lloyds Bank tercentenary fan, Royal Mail fan, and Goldman Sachs. And if you would rather see how the fans are made they host classes on fan making as well.

After seeing the collection of over 3,500 fans, a break is in order. The Fan Museum Orangery is possibly the most relaxing place in Greenwich, pull out your fancy hats and fans and enjoy what is probably the cheapest afternoon tea in London: £6.00 per person gets you tea, scones, cream and jam, and cakes.

Now Showing: Sports, Leisure and Fans, yet another Olympics inspired exhibition showing 19th and 20th century fans depicting popular sporting activities throughout the ages.

The Fan Museum


£4 Adults/concessions available


6 June – 9 September


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  1. letterfrombritain · · Reply

    Now here’s one I’ve never been to…it looks a lot of fun. A whole museum devoted to fans. Priceless.


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