Dickens World

For lovers of Charles Dickens, and anyone interested in 19th century life in Britain, I recommend visiting Dickens World. It is a live, interactive museum/amusement park, opened in 2007. The idea of this ‘live museum’ appeared in 1970’s, but funds only became available recently, not surprising as the amusement park is privately funded and cost £62 million pounds!

Dickens World, themed around life in Britain in the 19th century as seen and presented by Charles Dickens, it aims to immerse the visitors in the sights, sounds, and smells of Dickens’ Britain (hopefully not too many of the smells). The main courtyard is occupied by actors going about their daily business as 19th century characters, occasionally a skirmish will break out, and you can encounter a ‘Dickensian’ performance.

There is a wide variety of entertainment at Dickens World from the world’s longest indoor log flume using the theme of Great Expectations, a Christmas Carol haunted house, and a Victorian school where you can encounter the harsh realities of Victorian education (don’t worry, they won’t beat you), others include themes from David Copperfield, The Old Curiosity Shop and playgrounds, and themed restaurants.

Dickens World is in Chatham, Kent, where he lived as a child. The theme park is wonderful for children who will enjoy being absorbed into the magical world of the past, and for the adults who will certainly catch the subtle references to Dickens’ often harrowing works.


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