What do Eton Students eat?

Hot summer days are not far now, so I want to share with you a traditional dessert from the posh corridors of Eton College. Eton Mess is a well-loved dessert in England, while I have seen variations of it in other countries (it’s similar to the Pavlova), I have never seen Eton Mess served outside the island.

It was first served to students at Eton at the annual cricket game against the equally posh Harrow School from the 19th century. The legend states that Eton Mess was created when students simply dropped a cake, and then tried to put it back together into something resembling a dessert, resulting in one of the best-loved treats. Another version states the students tried to make their own dessert, but with their lackadaisical, inexperienced approached they simply dumped all the ingredients into a bowl. My kind of cooking!


So although this is not a cooking blog, and I will probably never post another recipe again, find below the simplest and quickest dessert of all.


For two:

250-300 grams of fresh strawberries (or any other fruit)

150-200 ml. whipping cream.

5-6 pieces of meringue

1 tbs powdered sugar.

Shred half of the strawberries in a blender, chop up the rest and sprinkle with sugar, whip the cream, break the meringue into small pieces.


Layer into glasses, and enjoy!



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