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What do Eton Students eat?

Hot summer days are not far now, so I want to share with you a traditional dessert from the posh corridors of Eton College. Eton Mess is a well-loved dessert in England, while I have seen variations of it in other countries (it’s similar to the Pavlova), I have never seen Eton Mess served outside […]

English Mustard

‘Almost anything is edible with a dab of French mustard on it’ – Food writer, Nigel Slater. The word mustard comes from the Latin mustum – young wine (must), which was used in Ancient Rome along with mustard seeds to create a piquant condiment. In Old French, the mixture already carried the name┬ámostarde (‘moutarde’ today), […]

Ye Olde Public House

You find yourself in London, and after the initial shock of the most important city in the world subsides, you notice the pubs, there will be several on one street. In fact there are over 7000 pubs in London, although hopefully you do not go looking for all of them. Pubs are an important part […]

A tale of Olympic Wine

Far far away, in the remarkably sunny county of Kent, an ancient house stands drowned in apple orchards. Built in 1503, and bought by Richard Balfour Lynn in 2002 along with all the orchards and gardens. The unique soil is perfectly suitable for grapes: the geography of the area, mild climate, and an old dream […]